SHOTS Magazine, issue 137

I’m one of the rare people who still looks forward to checking the mail. It never gets old for me. And it’s not because my mail is any different than yours (mine too is mostly junk amongst bills). I suppose it's the hope that on rare occasions you might still find something lovely and unexpected inside.

Today I discovered the latest issue of SHOTS Magazine in my box and was thrilled to find that one of my photos made page 21. This was made all the more exciting as this issue (137) is the first with the magazine’s new publisher and editor at the helm, after Russell Joslin’s tenure, which lasted 16 beautifully curated years.

SHOTS is an international, fine art photography magazine and this issue is full of gorgeous imagery and I’m humbled to be amongst such talent, even if just long enough for the flip of a page.

Cover image seen here by Hope Kahn-Hoffman.