I’m so pleased when my images are paired with books. It’s my favorite way to see my photographs used. Even better than seeing one hanging on a wall!

This is the cover of Rod Picott’s latest poetry collection, Murmuration, out on Mezcalita Press. I took this photograph out in far west Texas and then aged the print by hand.

Rod Murmuration cover_final.jpg

Counter Culture Show for Click Photography Festival

I’ll have some portrait work up during the Click! Photography Festival, in the tasting room at Counter Culture Coffee. Show runs through the end of October and the exhibit is open to the public during Counter Culture’s regular business hours (8-4:30pm, M-F). Two other artists, Susan Patrice and Michael Ligett, are sharing some beautiful work in the space as well. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by! (812 Mallard Ave., Durham) 

These are a sampling of photos taken over the course of two days during the lunch rush at Mr. Gene’s hotdog stand, in the South Cumminsville neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.

I believe that this kind of spontaneous interaction often allows for a more honest exchange between photographer and subject and can result in a deeply personal portrait. I only had a few minutes to connect with each person photographed, but I wanted that time to feel collaborative and so rather than trying to have each person sit or turn a certain way, I let each individual’s personality and movements guide the session.

My hope as you view these faces, all likely strangers to you, is that a bit of each person’s essence shines through. That I captured not just an outward image, but a bit of interior life, too.

What do these folks care about, what are their struggles, what brings them joy? These are the things at the very heart of the human condition, and I was just trying to get there one hotdog at a time.

click logo.jpg
cc logo.jpg

Medicine Man

I've been meaning to share this live version of a song I wrote with Rod Picott. He kindly recorded it for me at one of his shows in Austin this summer. The song can also be found on Rod’s new record, Out Past the Wires.


It was a pleasure working with Silas on his new author photos. His new book is beautiful, but don’t take my word for it:

“House, evoking writers such as Rick Bass and Wendell Berry, serves up earnest, plainspoken characters nestled into lavishly drawn natural settings. He paints, too, an equally if less violently vivid portrait of Key West . . . He is that rare stylist on whose descriptions— incantations, really—one wishes to linger.” Garden & Gun

“Given all the stories we have of the South in print, this one is, in a quiet way, revolutionary.” Asheville Citizen-Times

“This beautifully crafted novel brims with a spirit of hopeful humanity as one man’s effort to make himself a better person casts ripples in the world around him. “ Charles Frazier, author of Varina

“His storytelling is rich, but also spare, with descriptive passages that engage all five senses . . . And his characters . . . are so complicated and real that it’s a shame to have to put the book down. Most of all, Southermost is a reminder that life is hard, and it is beautiful.” Booklist (starred)

Silas Collage.jpg

New Normal

Fun to have my birds paired with Robby Hecht's beautiful single, New Normal. It's the perfect spring anthem - listen to it with windows down and volume up! Available now on iTunes, etc.

New Normal Single.jpg

Out Past the Wires

So happy to have this image on the cover of Rod Picott's new book, Out Past the Wires, due out next month. It will accompany his latest record of the same title.

Rod Picott Book Cover209.JPG

SHOTS Magazine, issue 137

I’m one of the rare people who still looks forward to checking the mail. It never gets old for me. And it’s not because my mail is any different than yours (mine too is mostly junk amongst bills). I suppose it's the hope that on rare occasions you might still find something lovely and unexpected inside.

Today I discovered the latest issue of SHOTS Magazine in my box and was thrilled to find that one of my photos made page 21. This was made all the more exciting as this issue (137) is the first with the magazine’s new publisher and editor at the helm, after Russell Joslin’s tenure, which lasted 16 beautifully curated years.

SHOTS is an international, fine art photography magazine and this issue is full of gorgeous imagery and I’m humbled to be amongst such talent, even if just long enough for the flip of a page.

Cover image seen here by Hope Kahn-Hoffman.


Rapid Insight

This thoughtful company was kind enough to send me samples of how they used my work as well as a testimonial. Day made.

“We reached out to Tasha to help us capture photos of one of our NC customers. We wanted images that went beyond the typical headshot - we were looking to capture our customer’s personality and passion and Tasha nailed it. We'd never worked remotely with a photographer before and were concerned with how that would work, but Tasha alleviated our fears and met our very tight deadline with amazing photos. She delivered exactly what we needed for our marketing campaign.”

Paul Kirsch
Marketing Manager
Rapid Insight
Conway, New Hampshire


Everything, Then and Since

Couldn't be happier to have photos gracing the cover of Michael Parker's beautiful new collection of short stories. Everything, Then and Since, will be released on Bull City Press in October, but can be pre-ordered now on their website.

SHOTS Magazine, issue 135

Honored to have an image included in the current issue of SHOTS Magazine, a quarterly journal of fine art photography. They've been publishing beautiful, provocative images for 30 years. This current issue features 41 international photographer's from 17 different countries. Page 19 for those interested in picking up a copy. Cover image seen here by Maren Klemp.


Today, Roy caught me snooping around the exterior of this old house, out in what felt like the middle of nowhere. He pulled up in his big truck with a coonhound in the passenger's seat and I thought I was about to get an earful. Turns out it's the house he grew up in and he asked me if I'd like to see it. We climbed through the briars and up onto the porch and as we entered through the front door Roy began to describe what each room had been used for, which led to the telling of several cherished childhood stories and details about the individual members of his family. His first dog is buried under a huge oak tree on the property. I asked Roy if he remembered the dog's name and he said, "Oh yes, Joe. I still think about him every day!" Joe was hit by a car when Roy was fourteen, but don't be too sad - Roy calls his current pup son and says they sleep together every night. Today was a good day.